Are you passionate about knitting or crocheting or looking to pick up a new hobby? Join us in the Prayer Shawl Ministry, a heartwarming initiative hosted by Lindsey Huddleston and Carol Hagglund.

In this supportive and nurturing environment, knitters come together once a month in the comfort of each other’s homes. Beyond the joy of socializing and sharing knitting tips, we embark on a meaningful journey of creating prayer shawls – tangible expressions of comfort, love, and hope.

These prayer shawls serve as powerful symbols of compassion and support, intended for both celebratory and challenging moments in life. Whether it’s a joyful occasion or a time of sorrow, these lovingly crafted shawls offer solace and warmth to recipients.

The Lay Visitation Group plays a vital role in distributing these shawls to those in need, including shut-ins, church members, and individuals in the wider community. Through this ministry, we extend the caring embrace of our congregation, touching hearts and fostering connections in profound ways.

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