Staffing Team

The Staffing Team started 2020 with several goals, including streamlining job descriptions and other staff documents, and updating the Employee handbook. We also wanted to explore the correct staffing pattern for a 400-member congregation. Some of these goals were realized, but the events after February resulted in changes we could not have imagined. These gave us a vision of who we are and should be as a church, sometimes quite different from that which we had a year ago.

Job descriptions were updated and incorporated into a new Conditions of Employment document for each staff member. These documents will be updated and then reviewed and signed by each staff member annually. Also, the Employee Handbook was updated and received Council approval on July 14th .

This year, the use of virtual technology has become necessary in all aspects of the church’s mission. It soon became evident that a new staff position was necessary to help with this. Working with the newly formed Technology Team, a job description for a part time Media Specialist position was written and following interviews we were able to fill that position.

Two goals for 2021 are to create a church preparedness policy to keep the staff and congregation safe as we emerge from COVID-19 and for similar future events, and to continue working to determine the correct staffing pattern for our church. The Staffing Team is grateful for the flexibility and dedication exhibited by our church staff as we successfully maneuvered through this difficult year. We look forward to emerging from this as a stronger church, ready to adapt to whatever new challenges we face in the future.