Peace and Justice Team

Racial Justice: We signed on to Equality Florida’s Racial Justice statement in May after the murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed. We began to educate ourselves and quickly decided that FCUCC needed such a statement and call to action in keeping with our Church’s stated Vision. A Racial Justice Statement by Peace and Justice with input from members of the Juneteenth seminar was constructed with a 2 page list of resources. It was approved by Council and shared with the Congregation on our web page. A weekly discussion group facilitated by Rev. Bixby, “Sacred Conversations on Racial Justice” was begun as we shared articles, book studies, videos, and movies to further educate ourselves. One of our actions was to strongly encourage the Sarasota School Board to provide education for their teachers and staff on Cultural Responsiveness. We are continuing to look at ways our Church can live into the Racial Justice Statement and the call to action.

Equality Florida: Worked to curb legislation that would have removed important protections for LGBTQ people and continue their work for the education and safety of all.

Creation Justice: The team was successful in constructing a detailed application for FCUCC to be a Creation Justice Church. The Covenant Statement was voted on and approved at the Annual Meeting in January 2021.

SURE and Project 180: Two of our Peace and Justice Network members are now occupants on our church campus.

Brady Campaign: As the country entered the COVID shutdown and people were setting record highs for gun purchases Brady’s new campaign was “End Family Fire” to encourage gun safety in homes. Our local Brady group was able to negotiate a deal for billboards in support of this campaign. They also secured TV spots and passed out brochures. Their annual Vigil on December 11 was via ZOOM and featured the Brady President and a national speaker, a father whose daughter was killed at Parkland High School.

Community Meals: Due to COVID safety concerns, the meals were discontinued indoors. A team of volunteers distributed boxed meals to recipients outside on the designated days. The team and other church members baked cookies to add to the boxes. The Christmas meal was a large success as numbers doubled.