Mission Team

With many of our traditional activities put on hold due to the pandemic, the team continues to carry through with our two main fund-raising projects: the Easter Love Offering, benefiting the church’s wider community in the world, and the Christmas Love Offering benefiting organizations in our smaller community.

During last August, in coordination with Alta Vista Elementary School, we determined that cash donations would be most useful for them. In that regard we raised $7,000 to be used toward school supplies, clothing, etc. for that economically challenged neighborhood.

In looking toward a more normal future in 2021, we plan to reconnect with our neighbor, the Sarasota Point Rehab facility, by making table decorations or holiday baskets. We also will revive the custom of soliciting volunteer information from the members of the congregation, and recognizing each of the outside organizations our members help support with time and talents. This is always an eye-opening and amazing exercise.

We have launched a partnership with the All Faiths Food Bank by making the church campus available for their food distribution once a month.