Growing and Caring Team

As with virtually every aspect of our church life in 2020, the mission, responsibilities, and activities of the Growing and Caring for the Congregation Team changed dramatically over the course of the year. In February, we sponsored a New Member luncheon. The luncheon provides an opportunity for interested individuals to learn about the mission and proud history of our church and to connect with church members both new and old.

In March, we prepared Easter baskets for members of our church in long-term care facilities, rehab facilities, or who for health reasons were isolated at home. And then the COVID pandemic hit and, indicative of our activities for the remainder of the year, our Easter basket were never delivered. Our team’s mission rapidly changed. We began by reaching out, in coordination with Pastor Wes, by phone, e-mail, or mail to church members, particularly our more senior members, to determine if they needed any assistance. When it became clear that some church members might not have the necessary computer equipment or training to view the on-line church services, the services were recorded on CD and mailed to these members.

Throughout the pandemic, the Growing and Caring team members made literally hundreds of contacts by phone or mail with church members to ensure their well-being and provide a sense of connectivity with the church.