Fellowship and Special Events Team

The Fellowship and Special Events Team plans and supports church-wide events that create opportunities for fellowship, enjoyment and social interaction within the congregation and a welcome to visitors and newcomers.

The Fellowship Team assigns a month for each of the church teams, as well as COLLAGE and UCC Women, to host Fellowship time after the worship service. Team assignments are given at the January Leadership Retreat. The first Sunday of each month is Birthday Sunday when birthdays for that month are celebrated and birthday cake is served at Fellowship time.

We began 2020 with new and creative ideas for engaging and encouraging the congregation to participate in fellowship after worship at a “special day” one Sunday each month. In January, we celebrated National Pie Day, and members brought a variety of delicious pies to share as refreshments.

February was Chocolate Lover’s Month with members once again donating many different chocolate desserts. Plans were well under way for a Chili Cook-Off in March with over a dozen chefs signed up to compete. And then came Covid….. Since we have not met in person for worship, there also have not been any in-person fellowship events. Our exciting plans for more “Special Days” are on hold, along with the Chili Cook-Off.

Our team is eager to meet and greet our church family in person and host everyone at Fellowship Time. We promise a big celebration when we are all able to be together again safely.