Facilities and Grounds Team

The Facilities and Grounds team keeps busy providing administrative and planning services to Pastor Wes, the moderators, and our Budget, Finance and Stewardship team. This involves helping with the insurance valuation so that we have accurate records of the equipment we have on our campus and we also help provide detailed information for the 15-year asset worksheet which is a tool used for long term planning. In 2020, we worked with the Green Team as they explore if solar panels would be a viable option for our campus and more importantly how does having solar align with the mission of the church.

Naturally, Facilities & Grounds also involves hands on work around the campus. We have a 5-acre site, and our team manages work both inside our buildings and out on our campus.

This team is blessed with folks who have unique capabilities that are extremely helpful to this team and to keeping our campus and buildings in good working order all the time.