Salty, savoring, flavoring,
flourishing, flowing, running, resting, guiding God, your Holiness hovers, and
hums in the hymnal of our life.  We long
to sing Your songs of justice but sometimes we can overanalyze or criticize the
tune and words of the hymn, especially if it is not to our
liking!  We confess that sometimes we
confuse our agenda with Yours.  We get
wrapped up in our way or the highway, rather than slowing down to let Your
holiness guide us.  We are caught up in
racing and running toward a finish line where we have “achieved” Your realm;
without realizing that this on-going, unfolding work may or may not be complete
in our life.  And the deeper, more
unsettling truth is, we may not be complete/whole/full of shalom
in this life.  Let us hold the beautiful
tension of melodies that from Monday sang out the truth that You are immortal
and invisible ~ unseen and unknown ~ You are the Holy Other.  Yet, You also guide us and move within us in
life-giving ways.  Help us get caught up
in Your symphony this day, playing our part, singing our notes, and realizing
there are measures rest too.  Help us
listen to You each moment this day in beautiful/brave/bold ways.  Amen.