I pray the questions this week
of what is your best; when are you at your best/what are the
conditions of your best
; describing a good day; and honoring the
blessedness of a bad day
have awoken joy this last week.  I pray you have approached these questions
lightly…not as some assignment to turn in for a grade ~ because my intention
for you was to explore the curriculum called, “Your life” with the curiosity of
George ~ that wonderful monkey who got into all that mischief from my
youth.  One final question to ponder, what
is inspiring you right now
?  Or you
may want to reframe and rephrase the question, who is inspiring you right
?  Or what conditions inspire
you.  I have shared that being in
creation, which is God’s first testament of the holy hovering in our lives and
our web of life, inspires me.  Talking
with my wife and kids inspires me. 
Sunday morning worship, weekly Bible Study groups, and conversations
with members inspires me.  Watching Ted
inspires me.  Reading poetry
inspires me.  Remember that the root of
“inspire” is to fill or to prompt or awaken or activate or energize.  When you are inspired, you are overflowing
with a flow of the sacred.  Note that the
word, “spire” is breath so when you are in-spired, you are overflowing with
the breath of God. 
What/who/when/how/under what conditions right now do you sense the
breath of God filling you?  When and
where does God’s love overflow your life ~ splashing over the sides and sloshing
onto the tea saucer?   May that image
awaken you to the goodness of God’s presence this day and in the days to
come.  Amen.