The last two days we have been
playing with the questions, what and when is your best.  I have invited you to investigate playfully
your one wild and precious life ~ which is the curriculum we are all
studying.  Today, I invite you to describe
a good day recently
.  I pray this
question awakens you to the beauty of your wonderfully messy life.    First, notice the word, “good”, and please do
substitute in the word, “perfect”. 
I am not looking for you to describe the most absolutely extraordinary,
outstanding, soul-soaring, awesomest day ever!! 
Nope.  I want you to reflect on a good
day.  A good day for me is often reading,
connecting with people I love, laughing, learning a new idea, enjoying a bowl
of ice cream, winding down with a novel before I go to bed.  I know that no Hollywood producer just read
that sentence and thought, “Call Steven Spielberg!  I just read the plot line for the most
inspiring movie ever, I smell an Oscar!!” 
This is not about seeking approval or agreement on what a good day
is.  As a matter of fact, I think the
beauty is that I can honor your “good” day without ever having my description
threatened.  To be sure, you might hear
someone else describe a good day and think yours does not measure up or meet
some imaginary scoreboard or table of judges. 
I encourage you to live the wisdom ~ you do you!  You get to craft and create what a good day
contains and no one else can offer a critique. 
More than describing a good day, try to find ways to weave in elements
of that every day.  For example, a good
day for me is reading a mystery novel. 
So, almost every night I read a mystery novel.  I know this is not revolutionary.  This is not going to get me a book deal or
land me on the New York Times Bestsellers list. 
But the point here is to enjoy life, not strive and struggle (and then
complain about the stress).  To honor
what kindles the spark of flame in your soul, then tend that fire with the wood
that is beautifully unique to you.  May
you have a good day in the wonderful expansiveness of that
word.  Amen.