Gracious God, thank you for the truth that You form and fashion me
into being.  Thank you for the breath, this
, right now.  Guide me this
day.  Help me hold lightly my life for
the unfolding mystery it is.  I do not
always know for sure…I see in a mirror dimly…and won’t ever fully know…why I do
what I do.  May I hold this playfully and
prayerfully.  May I rejoice with each
millimeter of my shadow side I discover. 
May the question why I did that or said that,
help me reflect with You, for You continually show up disguised as my life.  In the name of the One who is the light of
the world and sets a spark in our souls and fire in our veins, Jesus the
Christ.  Amen. 

Today, go back to your list of gifts and shadows from yesterday ~ keep
reviewing and reflecting and writing. 
The point of naming and noticing the light is never one and done.  Maybe you can add a new gift to the list and
the shadow side that light casts.  That
isn’t just Tuesday’s homework, it is the life journey we all are on.  I would love to talk with you more in the
coming weeks about this exercise and what it is provoking/evoking for you.  I pray your reflections help you celebrate
that you are God’s beloved and that God isn’t finished with you and God loves
you just as you are.  May those truths
mix and mingle together as good news for your life this day and the rest of
this week.  Amen.