Today I invite you to practice a breath prayer using scripture.  The way this works is to select a piece of
scripture ~ usually one short sentence. 
You could choose, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”  Or “Let everything that has breath, praise
the Lord.”  Or “For God so loves the
world, God sent God’s son.”

you have a verse, get comfortable ~ feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed,
spin straight, and feeling centered. 
When you breathe in, say the first part of the sentence, “The Lord is my
shepherd”.  Then hold for the count of
four, as you do open your sacred imagination to what those words provoke and
evoke for you today.  As you exhale, say
the second the part of the scripture, “I shall not want.”  Then ask, what do these words provoke and
evoke?  I encourage you to repeat this process
five or six times.  See what new ideas or
insights dance within you each time you return to your selected sentence.  May this practice help you breathe and bathe
in scripture this day.  May you know
God’s love, hope, peace, and presence.