School Bag Illustration

Dear Congregation:

As we contemplate the phenomenon of Gratitude this Sunday, your Missions Team would like you to think about the role of teachers in our society.  We entrust our children’s education, as well as much of their weekday time to the care and safety of their teachers.  We all can recall some of the teachers in our lives.  Favorite ones, strict ones, compassionate ones.  They molded our thoughts and behavior in ways we could scarcely imagine.  They were a constant in our young lives, and we knew we could count on them to be present, to watch over us as well as watch us, and attempt to keep us in line.

These are some of the reasons we at First Congregational do annual fund-raising to help out the teachers at Alta Vista.  Did you know that most teachers, on average, spend $500 or more from their own pockets to supplement school supplies?  That seems shocking but it is true.  School budgets are never funded enough to cover everything that’s needed.

This neighborhood school includes over 500 students, 86 percent of whom come from low income households.  With inflation at an all-time high, these families are especially challenged in trying to equip their children with the necessary school supplies to begin the new school year.  For our new members, let me say that it has been a tradition to help out Alta Vista for many years.  We have found that monetary assistance is the best way to give them the opportunity to shop at a discount school-oriented warehouse and distribute supplies to the neediest of children.

This is one of our Mission Teams’ favorite projects, and one that we feel provides almost instant feedback for our efforts. In Gratitude for the folks who choose to teach our children, we are asking you to contribute as generously as possible to Alta Vista’s staff of teachers.  Last year we were able to contribute $7000.  School begins on August 10 so we need to move quickly.  

As always, checks made out to FCUCC with “Alta Vista” in the memo line is the best avenue to take.

Thank you,  

Your Missions Team