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Spiritual direction is an ancient and contemporary spiritual practice offered through the Oasis Center.  It is a spiritual practice in which the individual and a spiritual director journey together in a spirit of prayerfulness enabling the individual to explore her/his relationship with God.    This journey can help cultivate the individuals’s ability to discern the Sacred in everyday life as well as in the critical moments of life.  Believing that our spirituality is not a distinct aspect of life, but a dimension of all of life, any aspect of life can be explored in spiritual direction/companioning: relationships, health issues, grief and death, major life moments and decisions.

Journeying together best describes the relationship between the individual and the spiritual director.  Through monthly conversations and prayer, the spiritual director brings the gifts of compassionate, deep listening, and reflection to the conversation and the individual brings the focus for the one-on-one conversation. The individual might bring issues of faith, family, loss and grief, and death or any other areas of concern for prayerful exploration.   Whereas counseling seeks to solve problems, spiritual direction seeks to help the individual find a deeper, guiding relationship with God that brings a deeper meaning to life and life issues.  This spiritual practice is undergirded by the prayerful support of the spiritual director.  For further information contact Rev. Craig Collemer.  Craig was trained at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington DC.

Contact Rev. Craig Collemer for further details