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We are an open and affirming congregation that welcomes and embraces persons of every gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age and ability. We invite you to join in the life and ministry of our church.


Grace Traces

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Frozen Part One..

On July 31st our congregation will gather to watch the movie Frozen...these posts are to help us see the beauty and power of this film.  Plus, I pray the posts encourage you to come!


After all the posts on Abraham and Sarah...it feels like time for a vacation or at minimum something not so serious.  So in a huge leap, I will spend a few posts focusing on the movie Frozen.  If you have not seen the movie, it might help to have a brief synopsis.  It is about two sisters, Anna and Elsa.  Like all good Disney movies, someone has to die early on in the movie.  Think here of Bambi's poor mother or Carl's wife in Up.  But this time, Disney is more equally opportunity, with both mom and dad dying...real progress if you ask me.  Anna is the eternal optimist; Elsa holds the secret power of being able to make winter appear (totally should have typed "spoiler alert" first).  Eventually, Elsa's powers are discovered and not by some careless blogger.  So, she goes off on her own, which is where the ubiquitous song, Let It Go comes into play. Trust me, if you have not heard this song, ask any eight year old girl, she will sing every word. Read More


Worship This Sunday

Please join us this Sunday for WORSHIP at 10 am

We continue our Summer Sermon Series on Brian McLaren's book, Naked Spirituality with the word, Why.  Our focus Scripture is Romans 8:31-38, please click here to read before worship We hope you will join us in worship and bring a friend!  All are welcome here: whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey.  


Flat Jesus

Flat Jesus this Summer.

So you might wonder, what is Flat Jesus?  There is a great children's book called Flat Stanley about a 2 dimensional boy who is able to be mailed all around the world and has great adventures!!  So, this summer, you are invited to stay connected to church with Flat Jesus.  Here is how it works:

1.  Print out Flat Jesus...preferably on card stock.

2. Decorate Flat Jesus...what color robe he has or if he needs glitter or accessories

3.  Take Flat Jesus with you wherever you go and take photos of YOU with HIM!

4.  Or mail Flat Jesus to your friends/family for them to take Him on adventures.

The most important part of Flat Jesus is to remember God is always with you.

Oh...and Pastor Wes would like your photos! So, please post them on the church's Facebook page, email them to wdbixby(at)yahoo.com, or bring them on August 17th to church.



Summer Sermon Series

book coverbook cover

Summer Sermon Series on Naked Spirituality

Please join us starting May 18th at our 10 am Worship Service as we begin a twelve week series on the book, Naked Spirituality by Brian McLaren.  Each week we will dwell with one of the words Brian writes about.  (Here, Thanks, O, Sorry, Help, Please,When, No, Why, Behold, Yes, ... {silence}).  We hope you will participate in this whole series.  If you miss a week, you can watch a video of the sermon on our website.  We pray this series is a blessing.  

As a way to prepare, you are invited to ponder prayerfully these words over the coming days.  Write each word down and try to define that word for yourself.  Then, listen to the sermon to see where our thoughts agree and where there is tension.  Feel free to call or email Pastor Wes with your thoughts.  May God deepen our connections to each other and to the sacred this summer.  See you in church!


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